Traditional asparagus

Preparation time: 20 min.
Amount of persons: 4


  • 2kg asparagus
  • 1 package dairy butter or sauce (prepare according to procedure on package)
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 2 packages of butcher’s ham or Italian ham
  • Fresh or dried parsley
  • 800 gram little potatoes, boiled or baked
  • Prepare:

    In case the asparagus are not peeled yet, peel the asparagus all around with a peeler or asparagus peeler from right below the top to all the way down.

    Boil the water in a big pan (or in a asparagus pan with the tops above the water). Add the asparagus if the water is boiling. Let the water boil again and boil the asparagus for 5 minutes. Let the asparagus rest in the water for another 15 minutes. Puncture in the bottom of the asparagus to check if they are done. If so, remove the asparagus from the pan with a large skimmer or asparagus plier.

    In the meantime, boil the little potatoes for 15 minutes and the eggs about 4 minutes. Or optionally make stirred eggs. Melt the diary butter (or prepare the sauce). Put on each plate a few asparagus, place the ham next to it and add two half eggs and the little potatoes. Poor the dairy butter or sauce over it and serve directly.

    Enjoy your meal!