The farm

The farm is situated at the Vaart Noordzijde 186 between Erica and Nieuw Amsterdam.

20 years ago we started with the cultivation of asparagus. Ourtension of the Hondsrug, a perfect place to grow asparagus.

According to our regular customers, our asparagus have a soft, somewhat sweet taste. This taste is partly caused by the way we grow and treat our asparagus. Stabbing asparagus is performed solely manually. We stab the asparagus out of the ground with a special stabbing knife.


The farm shop

In our farm shop we sell, next to our asparagus, other local products. This way you can turn any asparagus meal into a feast. These products are carefully chosen as quality is highly important to us. For instance, we sell wines, sauces, little potatoes, soups, asparagus icecream and more. Our ham comes freshly from the butcher and the salmon from the fishmonger. Our assortment keeps growing as we sell more and more local products.


Peeling asparagus is not your own concern anymore. Thanks to our peeling machine you can take away our asparagus fresh and properly peeled. This way, you can quickly make a healthy meal. We could also wrap the asparagus for you, so you can preserve the asparagus for a few days when peeled. In the refrigerator the asparagus can be preserved for another week. For the ones who like to have more asparagus in stock, can put them in the deep freezer. When you want to use asparagus from the deep freezer you must put them in already boiling water. The cooking time for asparagus from the deep freezer is one minute shorter.


Gift package

When you are looking for a gift for someone you can also come to us. We can make you a gift package and will nicely wrap this for you. These packages can be arranged in all kinds of price ranges.

The market in Emmen

During the asparagus season we can be found at the local market in Emmen every Friday. Our stand can be found across the HEMA. There we also have our fresh asparagus, pieces for in soup, for stir-frying and broken asparagus.



Aspergus are very healthy. They are rich of vitamines and minerals and contain few calories. Asparagus have a fluid reducing effect and are therefore good for the kidneys. From cell division to our immune system, from blood clotting to our skin and hair and bones; asparagus are good for your whole body!