Excursion with your own group

  • Excursions about growing asparagus
  • From 10 persons
  • Day and time in consultation
  • Tours can be adapted to the needs of the group
  • Coffee/tea or another consumption

  • You can for example see a movie about growing asparagus, get a tour around the farm, stab your own asparagus, and/or get information on how to prepare your own asparagus meal etc.

    You can also visit our farm shop.

    There are several options with respect to the consumptions. You can have a drink, an ice-cream, a smoothie or homemade asparagus soup. The chef cook can give you information about making asparagus tapas or make them for you.

    Your visit can be extended with a lunch or dinner.

    For reservations of your visit and a quotation you can send an e-mail to:

    info@aspergeboerderijsandur.nl      phone: 0591-554375