Fresh food academy

Fresh Food Academy

Education on healthy and tasty food is very important to us. Not only about asparagus but also about fresh vegetables in general. That is why we created the Fresh Food Academy. Here you can obtain knowledge about processing fresh vegetables. Moreover, you can taste food or get to work together with a professional cook. Of course you also get to see the asparagus fields.

Try our delicious vegetarian asparagus croquette, grilled asparagus surrounded with Italian ham, healthy sandwich with cheese, egg, ham and asparagus or a traditional asparagus meal.


Culinary delights

Do you want to enjoy our dishes without preparing anything yourself? But with cosy kitchen noises and the liveliness of a professional kitchen? Our Fresh Food Academy is where you can enjoy your meal, discover new recipes and stay seated with your friends and family to taste all the meals.

In collaboratoin with local cools we organise several culinary afternoons and evenings. One time it is an 8-course menu and another time we organise live-cooking buffets or a cooking workshop.

Our professional kitchen is a big and open kitchen where you and your guests can relax and take a look during dinner or lunch. The chef will prepare several dishes right in front of you.

The dates of the culinary evenings:

The dates of 2019 are not known yet. Keep an eye on this page for more information.

Sandur Culinary Asparagus Experience

From 18:30-21:30 our chef cook will surprise you with 8 surprising asparagus dishes. You can expect a relaxing evening. With our open kitchen you can literally take a look behind the scenes and see how the different asparagus dishes are being prepared.
Costs: €37.50 per person (including welcome drink and coffee/tea after).

Asparagus buffet

Come enjoy life and cooking and serve yourself during our buffet from 18:00-20:00.
Costs: €24,50 per adult (excluding drinks).
Kids €1.50 per year of life (4-12 year).

Before dinner we will give a tour around the farm of half an hour. Please inform us when signing up if you want to participate on this tour.

We can organize the evening at a minimum of 20 persons. Maximum 50 persons can sign up (full-full).

You can sing up in the farm shop or by sending an e-mail to with your name, the number of persons and any dietary requirements.