In our farm shop you can find the tastiest Drentse asparagus from April, untill the end of June. We can peel the asparagus for you at our shop.

Next to the asparagus our shop has corresponding products like tasty peeled baby potatoes, eggs, ham, salmon, wine and asparagus beer. Our ham comes freshly from the butcher and the salmon from the fishmonger. Additionally we have a large product range of asparagus bowls and asparagus peeling knifes.

Moreover, for all kinds of local products you can come to our shop. For example cheese, jam, nuts, crisps and tasty juices. Our product range keeps growing and we focus on more and more local products. These products are carefully chosen as quality is most important for us.

Summarized, a shop to go if you want to have a real feast on your plate. Would you like to see how the asparagus are stabbed? Come visit us for a tour around farm. We would like to show you our asparagus fields and our farm.